The Tuggeranong Hyperdome was looking for a marketing company to work with them on implementing a 12-month marketing and media strategy around their re-brand into South.Point Tuggeranong.

There was additional complexity to the project as signage, online platforms and marketing all need to be updates and launched simultaneously. There was also the need to carry on with monthly buyer incentive marketing campaigns under the old brand.


Agency 9 was selected for the project and in conjunction with the South.Point marketing team, we began methodically going through everything that would be needed to launch the new brand.

We handle the marketing strategy, media buying, campaign creation, graphic design, video production, public relations and the launch.

This campaign planning and creation occurred parallel to the ongoing monthly buyer incentive campaigns.


The rebrand launch was hugely successful with the new name and brand achieving high levels of community awareness in the first few months.

The coordinated launch saw mass dissemination across TV, radio, print and social media, whilst also achieving wide spread news coverage about the name change.

Our assistance with their monthly buyer incentive campaigns also saw an increase in total visitation which varied between 5% – 15% depending on the promotion.

Agency 9 continues to work alongside the South.Point marketing team.