Hands Across Canberra (HAC) asked us to develop integrated communications and digital plan to raise $500,000 for the Canberra Day Appeal. There was, not only a need to create an engaging consumer campaign, but also a clear plan on how to engage and activate the 60 charities and 25 corporate partners (including IKEA and the Chief Minister’s Department).

There was no boosting or advertising budget allocated. The campaign needed to be driven purely by organic social media and media relations.

The Solution

Using audience data, we were able to identify patterns in donor online behaviour and develop a strategy to maximise the likelihood of donations.

We created a campaign that had a clear and concise message, as well as being eye-catching and engaging. We created a version that HAC could easily roll out, as well as versions for their different stakeholders. We developed processes and infrastructure that allowed us to plan, create and publish social media content both effectively and consistently across 85+ different social media pages.

We also developed a media relations plan to generate coverage for the major milestones and softer, community pieces.


The Canberra Day Appeal raised $640,000 during the campaign. The analytical data showed that 89% of people who visited the landing page, or engaged with the social assets, made an immediate donation. We also manage to achieve 30+ pieces of media coverage. Feedback from the stakeholders was overwhelmingly positive, with many of those involved already signed up for 2022.