Barton Commercial Property is a commercial property sales and leasing agency based in Canberra, Australia. It is a business that started as a live stock auction back in 1938 and blossomed into a successful property company that spans four generations.

They wanted to rebrand because the fourth generation is stepping into the business. We wanted to create a brand that reflects the old and the new, modernising the brand for the future.

The Solution

The client didn’t want to change their name and didn’t want the brand to be redesigned so it was no longer identifiable as they had over 83 years of history in the local market. They wanted it to look modern and to lend it’s well to digital platforms. However, ensuring that it retained a strong and bold look.

We started by undertaking the Three-Point Perspective process to uncover their brand essence and creating a brand manifesto for the business. With the manifesto, we played on terms associated with property investment (key, doors, etc.) but focused on how they work with their clients and the emotive output that their clients receive.


We decided to shorten the name as it made the brand name easier to remember and emphasised the surname. It will also work better on an online platform.

The brand manifesto has been adopted across their many platforms, including their advertising and as a feature on a wall in their new office.