The Challenge

We had been working with Achieve Homes on their local area marketing for many years. So when it came time to re-brand the business, we were approached to take on the project.

There was already strong brand recognition and positive association in the community. It was important to the client that the new brand be an evolution of the existing brand, making it more modern whilst still being regonisable as Achieve Homes.

The Solution 

We started by conducting a competitor analysis and brand discovery session. We worked closely with them to identify what key aspects of their current brand they felt made it recognisably them. 

As they had spent many years building their brand, it was important to us that they could have input and take ownership of the direction for their new brand. 


When presenting the new brand to the clientyou could see the excitement all over their faces. The brand was accepted on the spot, without one change request from the client.