Short form video is nothing new, remember ‘vines’ the seven second clips that were the backbone content format that launch careers like Jake Paul and Liza Koshy.

However last year saw a crazy comeback for the short-form video thanks to TikTok. And there no sign of the popularity of this format slowing down with Instagram’s Reels being launch late last year and now the grandfather of the internet, Google, looking to get in on the action.

Google will start adding short-form video results for certain Search queries, which directly links to videos from TikTok, Instagram and other sources. They are just testing the feature now to see if it welcomed by users.

As the features is only in the initial stages, it’s not time to flip your entire marketing strategy to start producing TikTok videos in the hopes that you will rank on Google. However, as short video has proven to be a format that users enjoy, it may be worth starting to think about how your business or brand can create TikToks, Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts that will engage audiences and could relate to relevant searches.

Some great examples of this are LawByMike and ArsenTheScienceGuy.